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Great book but smaller than expected.

I am a first grade teacher and I purchased these to give them to my students before summer break. I looked through it and am pleased at the content. I was however a bit put off by how small the books are, not many pages. The delivery was quick and the books were boxed very well.

Fun & Games First Grade Workbook

Travel the Great States

Great workbook! Something they enjoy and can do by themselves once we go over it. They love doing those. Great for 4th grade but could work for 3rd and 5th too. It’s fun work for them.

Dot-to-Dots Workbook
Debbie Culver
Dot-to-Dot Workbook

These book are so very fun for the grandkids! They love doing each page and ask for more books!

Fabulous book!

My 5 1/2 year old Granddaughter selected this book herself at the super market. We all love it! It is filled with colorful and delightful illustrations. The puzzles are perfect for her age. There are 300 pages filled with different activities! She can do them alone or with someone. It’s an outstanding book in every way!

Grandkids love it!

My Grandkids had so much fun in enjoying this Kindergarten book!

Jolly - dot - to-dots

This is really good

Math Stickers Workbook

I bought this for my 4 year old to give them more practice getting use to basics of math. I was very surprised how much my child loved this book. I mean the whole workbook was done in 2 days. She couldn't put it down. She loves stickers and using this to facilitate the counting and learning is just genius. This is a great resource. Want to encourage SZ to make more sticker products perhaps for language arts or other things. Love your products. Wish they could expand past the younger years and more into history and science etc. Thanks!!


I have always bought Schoolzone products whether for my children or grandchildren. My kids loved them growing up and now, my grandkids are having the same joy of learning with the reusable books!!! Thank you for a great tool! They love them so much.

So loving

My kids love to spend time here. Good work.

Ready for first grade

This workbook was a way to not have my child go to summer school. She's excited to learn and be aware of what she will be learning in first grade. It's easy for her to know what she's supposed to do and how she's supposed to do it. This workbook has created a way for her to learn outside of the school environment. Thank you for creating this workbook! Monica

Getting ready for school

My daughter loves the workbook to be able to see what she's going to learn in the next grade!! She actually wants to sit down and work in it. It's easy to use and can be self taught. It makes her excited to go into third grade! Thank you for a great workbook! Monica

5yr old almost done with the first grade book!

About 7 months ago I got the first grade book because he was almost done with the kindergarten big book. I got him the preschool book at 3 yrs old which was his very first work book ever. I have gotten him quite a few of this books as well as the flash cards as nd one product after another he has just simply love them and he is able to follow the instructions and remember the material. I'll a homeschool Mom and I this books as a fun complementary fun part of my curriculum but now they've become a very essential part of my child's learning main focus. The books are fun and easy to follow and quite rich in content. My five year old child is functioning at a first grade level and he actually asks to get the book and d o it on his own therefore I get one book for him to have and familiarize himself with it's content a book for me to integrate into his everyday lesson plan. He also started the Big Spelling 1-3 book about 4 months ago and has less than 100 pages to go out of 320pages. He is also working on the Big Math 1-2 workbook that he has been working on for about 10 months and to him is like he playing since the book are so pleasing to the eye but he is learning at a extraordinary rate.

stirred enthusiasm

The child became easily upset when she made errors so I explained that making mistakes is part of learning. It shows us how to do better the next time. When doing the games requiring the tracing of a pathway between two objects, I showed her how to observe the pathway, make note of obstacles, follow the best pathway with her finger, look it over carefully and then take pencil in hand to trace the safe pathway she'd discovered. Now she knows how to look before she leaps. The same method applied to connecting numbered dots. Now she understands that a straight line in not always the best choice. It's just like walking from one corner to the opposite corner. Sometimes the best pathway is not straight across. The child has learned how to plan ahead for the paper games as she does in everyday activities. She's also learned that mistakes are learning tools just as she's learned not to eat spaghetti with a slippery spoon. Mistakes are our teaching friends.


I am enjoying the bright colors and easy to follow directions for toddlers.

Awesome flashcards

My 5 year old daughter was reluctant to practice phonics or sight words . The flash cards were a fun way to get her interested .Highly useful

2 and a half and writing her name!

2 and a half and writing her name!

Wonderful tool!

Cleaning the pages is so easy and she loves the book. We also trace the paths with our fingers. She mostly likes scribbling at this point but she will get it since this book will last a long time.


su serie se ve interesante y sobre todo q tiene para usarlos en la pc

Daily Success

I teach a very limited ability population of Exceptional Children in the Middle School. This book has so many skills that are still working on to develop. The Special Service Providers for my students, OT & SLP love the books as well. Crossing mid-line, phonics, following directions, & what belongs where to name a few. Very helpful resource. The pages are colorful, not overly busy and short enough task to hold interest. My students are challenged but successful using this book. I Highly recomend

Wonderful learning tool

My grand daughter loves doing her lessons everyday. She is not yet four years old and I've had to start getting the Kindergarten level books for her, she has learned so much.


My husband introduced me to this company, as our families really don't want the kids to have any more "things" So we typically focus on educational for our nieces. They love the Charlie and Company downloads, an were very excited to have coloring books in this area. I have never regretted a product I have purchased. And I will continue to enjoy seeing the Charlie characters come in 3D , our nieces want the "set"

Yay Goldens!

We are super fans of Golden Retrievers, and are enchanted by the Charlie and Company downloads. This stuffed toy is squishy and cute. Kids were super excired to have their own "Charlie" Well made, price was astounding, I have yet to regret School Zone purchases, easy to buy, incredibly fast shipping. Total Christmas Win!

My 5 year old loves it!!!

My son is almost done with this book and it was so fun and easy to understand. He starts the 2nd grade book soon, so I will make sure to comment on that soon!!! Thank you for making this book and can't wait to get the third and fourth grade ones soon.

Socrates is awesome!

I cannot get over the gorgeous feathers. The price is nice, so I was thinking it might not hold up to a little three or four year old, but the thing I generally am most concerned about for little kids is if they can chew out the eyes and choke, or picking other loose pieces and eat or shred the poor stuffed animal. (Kids in my life are incredibly hilariously destructive) He was a bit smaller than I expected, but we also bought Charlie, and an owl can't be as big as a Golden Retriever. He actually is a great toy, perfect size for the kids that want a toy to cart around. We love Charlie and Company, so it was fun to see the kids realize that they knew the toy from the show. Nicely done- we are hoping to own the whole set!