The School Zone Advantage®

Nourish Their Minds

Kids are ready and eager for more—more action and adventure in their learning—and School Zone delivers, with exciting, multimedia products for preschool through sixth grade, created with teacher input.

  • the most experienced, trusted, and popular publisher of preschool and elementary workbooks, software, and flash cards for children—over 400 million products sold
  • by teachers, for teachers and parents—our research-based content, developed by educators, delivers state-of-the-art products for individual learning styles and goals
  • outstanding value—products brimming with more content, color, creativity, and bonus features, at prices usually lower than other publishers

The Anywhere Teacher® Advantage

Designed for ages 2-8, this exciting, award-winning online learning program connects kids with a huge variety of choices—books, games, videos, digital flash cards, games, music, interactive worksheets, and more, all in a safe, secure, ad-free environment that makes it worry-free for parents.

Little learners can hop on curriculum-based P, K, or 1 Guided Learning Paths that help ensure they learn skills in the order they need to know them, or they can just explore activities on their own. In addition to skills essential for school success, Anywhere Teacher cultivates “soft” skills that include healthy competition, collaboration, cooperation, and empathy. Kids even get reward tokens for spending in the Play Zone; the more they play and learn, the more they earn.

From Parent Mode, Mom and Dad can see how kids are progressing and which activities they are playing the most, and then if needed, make changes to the available content to encourage extra practice on particular skills.

As a subscription-based program, for one low monthly rate, more than one child—each with a unique profile—can access it from different devices at the same time—and it’s easy to tailor activities to each child’s grade and ability level and to zero in on specific skills. A preschooler can practice ABCs in the kitchen with mom while a second grader works on spelling in the living room on a tablet. With each round of play and exploration, kids develop skills and confidence that help create a lifelong love of learning. Navigation for both little ones and parents is straightforward, and it’s also really simple to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Let Anywhere Teacher build all-around excellence!

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The Learning Kit Advantage

Kids are energy on the go. They like to change things up. Different kids also learn best in different ways. For those reasons and more, learning kits work great on so many levels. They build skills, offer nearly unlimited options, and encourage both self-direction and collaboration. School Zone offers 3 lines of learning kits: colorful, critter-themed, soft-sided Learning Packs, Get Ready Playsets with lots of materials to flex writing muscles, and boxed Full Learning Programs, developed in collaboration with teachers, to create a “classroom approach” to learning, with a year of strategic activities bundled into one package. The variety of learning methods, different in each kit, include fiction and non-fiction reading, creative gameplay, sequenced workbook activities, and projects to develop fine motor skills. All the learning kits include cases and play surfaces that make for easy-to-organize, take-anywhere fun and learning.

The content list for each type of kit is extensive! The Full Learning Programs include 3 progressive, 128-page workbooks with stickers; 4 early readers; a Write & Reuse™ Worksheet Sleeve and marker, 2 flash card sets; 3 2-sided game boards with dozens of press-out pieces, game spinner, and dice; safety scissors, pencil, and glue stick; a zippered storage pouch; and a Parent Guide with ideas for putting it all to best use.

The Learning Packs focus on writing skills and contain a mix of workbooks, skills practice pads and coloring pads (with crayons), flash cards, wipe-clean flash cards and markers, sticker sheets, a jumbo pencil, and zippered storage case.

The Playsets include a charming mix of Charlie & Company DVD, game boards, 96-page workbook, early readers, game cards, quiz cards, Write & Reuse™ Worksheet Sleeve and marker, child-safe scissors, a jumbo pencil, and zippered storage case.

Each set delivers powerful learning in one big package. Imagine the smiles!

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The Workbook Advantage

Kids love color, characters, and “room” to play. School Zone workbooks deliver all that and so much more. More than 40 years ago the company responded to parents’ need for materials to help reinforce in-school learning. The first few workbooks sold out in six months, and the energy and momentum continue.

Research continues to show that writing by hand fires up specific areas of the brain, and School Zone continues to design and offer workbooks with just the right blend of fun and challenge, across a wide range of needs. For example, sticker workbooks are more than just fun; stickers serve as manipulatives that build fine motor skills, hand and finger strength, and agility to help with everyday tasks. Big 128-page workbooks such as Big Reading for grades 1-2, Big Spelling for grades 1-3, Big Science for grades 2-3, and other grade-specific “big” workbooks that cross the curriculum, are packed with hours and hours of playful, creative activities that build skills and confidence.

Children love the workbooks’ bright colors and big variety. Parents appreciate their flexibility. Lives today are hectic. Many of our workbooks are take-anywhere size, and the larger ones (64-page+) have perforated pages ideal for using as individual worksheets. The workbooks have simple directions so kids can do most concepts themselves, yet also offer an ideal opportunity for parent-child interaction.

Page by page, workbooks deliver hours and hours of skill practice.

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The Start to Read® Advantage

Effective early reading experiences have a positive impact on long-term, overall academic success and lifelong learning. School Zone’s Start to Read! Series maximizes a young child’s natural curiosity and love of amusing stories and characters.

Reading builds vocabulary, develops empathy, improves writing skills, increases knowledge, and has far-reaching benefits. Yet the Reading Is Fundamental Literacy Network has reported that among all kids in the U.S., 34% entering kindergarten lack the basic skills needed to learn how to read and 65% of fourth graders read below grade level.

Developing readiness begins early—long before a child has fully made all the “connections” or acquired the focus and fine motor skills he or she will later need. The Start to Read! Early Reading Program was originally developed by educator and School Zone co-founder Dr. James Hoffman. The updated, sequence-based series, which consists of storybooks across three progressive reading levels, is designed to build a solid literary foundation for any child, while teaching kids that reading is fun.

In order to read successfully, children need to master a basic vocabulary of sight words and learn to sound out words. With beginning vocabulary, many basic sight words, clever rhymes, and a short sentence or two on each page, combined with relatable themes—a child who dislikes peas, a sibling adjusting to a new baby in the family, or a big game with tie-breaking closeness—the stories delight and are just right for emerging readers.

Let Start to Read! books begin a lifetime reading adventure.

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The Flash Card Advantage

Why would Digital Age kids benefit from using flash cards? Because they offer a fun, fast, easy, time-tested way to memorize new information, increase speed, and apply important concepts. School Zone flash cards, in several unique formats, offer big learning power packed with near-endless possibilities.

Kids can use flash cards independently or with a friend. Siblings and parents can join in too, turning learning into a family activity!

School Zone flash cards have rounded corners for easy sorting, big, bold numbers, letters, and images that are easy to read, and bright colors that keep kids interested. The flash cards designed for younger ages help boost focus, concentration, and eye-hand coordination, in addition to developing early language and number skills. Flash cards for older kids help prepare them for speed drills and timed math and spelling tests at school.

Most flash card sets include a Parent Card with tips and instructions for use, and they deliver terrific value and take-anywhere learning.

Pack big learning in a back pocket!

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The Download Advantage

Kids today crawl, walk, and scroll! Screen time is a reality early on and for the duration, so make the best use of it! At every “e-turn,” School Zone’s creativity and close collaboration with educators has consistently resulted in excellence, including early educational software that won awards and apps that launched on Apple’s first-generation iPad. The trend continues with adorable songs written and performed by Brian Vander Ark, a multi-platinum-selling musician, and clever games that build basics, sharpen memory, and encourage healthy competition.

Games and songs are far more than just entertainment. Games develop eye-hand coordination and playfully build both academic and socio-emotional skills. Similarly, songs can help kids learn and master essential skills—think “ABC" song—but also expand creativity and imagination and improve language fluency. The rhymes and rhythms of music also help with counting, fractions, pattern recognition, and problem-solving (how parts and pieces fit together)!

For both kids and adults, what better way to pass the time in line or while traveling, than to pull up an app that helps improve memory, expand knowledge, or sharpen skills—all of them with 40+ years of educator expertise and creative excellence “built in.”

School Zone delivers e-products for download that keep kids engaged and learning, while giving parents peace of mind and a few minutes of free time. Or turn them into family fun!


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